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Analog Illustrators currently living in cement cubes in Athens, Greece.

Viral Graphics started in January of 2006 by Alexandros Pyromallis and Konstantinos Psichas, with the sole purpose of creating artwork for bands we like. We were fortunate enough to have worked with some of our favorite bands in this short period of time we've been doing this.
We're open to any sort of project, so don't hesitate to inquire about your artwork needs.

Some clients we've worked with are:
The Melvins, Moss, Dephosphorus, Coffins, Unearthly Trance, Grief, Taint, Jucifer, Electric Wizard, Nebula, Monster Magnet, The Osedax, Sons Of Tonatiuh, Big Business, Tombs, Samothrace, Amplifier Worship Fest (Finland), Keelhaul, The Howling Wind, Totimoshi, Porn, Aidan Baker, Trap Them, Straighthate, Voidhead, Naφθalyn, Heavensore, Pascal Cretain, Kommpound, Head To Avoid Recordings, Hyperblasted Recordings, Profane Prayer, Mudhoney, Tenderness Of Wolves, Hatesoaker, Lunar Miasma, Formikation, Big Business, Noiselust, Utech Festival, Wolves In The Throne Room, Graveyard, Omega Monolith, Gaul, End, Awe, CVLT Nation, Bounty Hunter, Trash Talk, Blastbeat Mailmurder, Soundgarden, Swans, Fucked Up, Ceremony, Legacy Future, Mogg, Deadfest, Boris, Austin Psych Fest, High On Fire, Secret Serpents, Kvazar, Kratzer, The Black Coffins, Bodyhammer, Iron Force, Alucarda, Lords OF Altamont, Miasmal, Ill Omen.

Can be reached through:
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Inquire for fees. Don't be afraid, we're not people looking to make a quick buck off your back, so everything is reasonable for all involved. All rates depend on the work and change upwards or downwards accordingly. We retain the copyright of all our work and we get paid accordingly for alternate usage of the design etc etc. Exceptions upon agreement. If you need the artwork for multiple uses, just let us know. We also require samples of any work featuring a Viral Graphics design. What you will get is high quality work, with dedication to the craft (yours as much as our own). This is not a 'hobby' for us! We're also open to other projects as well, such as videos etc, but only upon special agreement of both parties.
If you ask us to decorate your church, be very afraid of the price.

Konstantinos & Alex

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